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@belcherj belcherj released this Oct 20, 2020 · 4 commits to develop since this release


  • Rewrite data flow in the app to remove races and sync bugs. This is a major update that involved a rewrite from the ground up of some key parts of the app, as well as replacing the editor component and adding support for internal links. #2148
  • Add support for importing .md files #2351
  • Linkify internal links in the editor #2376


  • Allow RTL formatting in Markdown mode #2339
  • Hide the search results banner when printing #2348
  • Display first note in Trash when opening Trash #2349
  • Fix a few bugs with undo/redo/selection #2293, #2345, #2357
  • Open note list when triggering search in narrow mode #2340
  • Fixed tag autocomplete not working with right arrow #2350
  • Hide scrollbars when printing on Legacy Edge #2347
  • Re-layout editor after focus mode change #2371
  • Allow Electron to handle keyboard shortcuts from the menu #2370
  • Make tags in list links until they are being edited #2352
  • Prompt when closing Electron if there are unsynchronized notes #2277
  • Terminology: Change "inter-note link" to "internal link" #2360

Other changes

  • Security: Disabled Electron remote module #2256
  • Add Stylelint for sass linting #2346
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