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Update docs with 'force new connection' #607

jareddlc opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I could not find listed in the docs {'force new connection': true } option for socket create. Should also specify that this option is set to false by default.


var socket = io.connect(URL, {'force new connection': true });

Is a weird name for a flag option. Feels like it could be changed in the future. Definitely should be documented!


Appears to now be 'forceNew' in the 1.0 candidate.

However, I'm a bit puzzled by the usage. Found I needed to use this in the following scenario:


That second connect() will just hang if 'forceNew: true' isn't used, which seems quite odd. I mean, we manually disconnected it, why is the library still trying to use it?


it worked for me, socket = io.connect(socketUrl,{'forceNew': true });


both forceNew and 'force new connection' should work. But it should definitively be documented somewhere...


Isn't this one pull request away guys...


@manast ya it should be documented


I agree. One question as I'm pretty new to and nodejs: How could you find out this command without documentation anywhere?

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