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Ensure that polling transports work with Connection: close

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commit 2075307f23f630f973e4c7fe9bf5b29216da0db7 1 parent d7b06ed
@rauchg rauchg authored
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  1. +12 −0 lib/transports/http-polling.js
12 lib/transports/http-polling.js
@@ -44,6 +44,18 @@ HTTPPolling.prototype.__proto__ = HTTPTransport.prototype; = 'httppolling';
+ * Override setHandlers
+ *
+ * @api private
+ */
+HTTPPolling.prototype.setHandlers = function () {
+ this.socket.removeListener('end', this.bound.end);
+ this.socket.removeListener('close', this.bound.close);
* Removes heartbeat timeouts for polling.

9 comments on commit 2075307


This breaks disconnectSync from ever working.


specifically line 55


Can you elaborate please ?


Sorry, I posted about this a while ago in a lot of places, so here's my summary. If you use one of the HTTPPolling transports and you close a browser tab or the browser the disconnect event never registers on the server. For details please see this where I did as much research as possible:


and this for a test


I see, so you narrowed it down to this commit. We definitely need to add tests for disconnectSync


@guille the fix I added in for properly sending disconnectSync only works if line 55 above is commented out. I'm happy to add a pull request with that line commented out but I don't know enough about why it was there in the first place. In production I currently HAVE to have it commented out to work properly. Any ideas what that line does or why it was added?


Yeah basically what's happening in your tests (methinks) is that the disconnectSync is being sent over a different TCP socket from the long-poll requests, and the transport is (intentionally) ignoring them. This was a protection to avoid client-side race conditions, but I'm pretty sure we can safely remove it.


I am sorry if I am reopening an old bug, but i can confirm that disconnect event works on IE <= 9 if line 55 in this commit is commented out (http-polling.js ).. using xhr-polling on the mentioned IE versions doesn't fire at all.. Only flashsocket works fine....


hey people, i have the same problem, i ll try comment the line 55, ty

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