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Opera problem with cross domain / port requests #657

kitek opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Marcin Kitowicz Sergii Boiko
Marcin Kitowicz

Hi, I'm using:

node: v0.6.2 0.8.7
Socket.IO.js build:0.8.7
Opera 11.52

and i have a comunication problem with Opera when and webserver are located on different port / host.
I have created a simple example (based on your chat example) to reproduce an error: kitek/

I think Opera can't establish connection to and it is associated with support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

Sergii Boiko

I use Opera as well and it works for cross-domain via jsonp. You are using quite non-production scheme.
My working environment is site.local, of localhost:300x). All proxied through HaProxy. It emulates live environment on production.

Opera can have issue especially with localhost. You can try to put it in your etc/hosts alias to 'yoursite.local' and use it instead of localhost.

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