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Code Comments from main menu do not work #2

mumpitzstuff opened this Issue · 0 comments

2 participants

mumpitzstuff Nikolay Bachiyski

If i click on Code Comments within the main menu, my browser tries to open https://myserver/my/trac/code-comments/preview which is always empty. I think it should open a list of comments or something like that?

Nikolay Bachiyski nb closed this issue from a commit
Nikolay Bachiyski nb Don't run the INavigationContributor methods on every component
Since the base component implemented INavigationContributor, the
methods were called for each of its children too. But it uses
`self.href`, which may be different for every child.

Thus, in the main navigation the link was leading to the preview link,
not to the main code-comments one.

Fixes #2
Nikolay Bachiyski nb closed this in 33edcd0
Kat Hagan codebykat referenced this issue from a commit in codebykat/trac-code-comments-plugin
Pepe García pepegar Fixes a bug whereby the comments in green lines are not displayed.
solves #2.
David Murphy schwuk referenced this issue from a commit in schwuk/trac-code-comments-plugin
David Murphy schwuk Address review comments #2
Test for `basestring` instead of `str` and `unicode`.

Clearer logging.

Don't explicitly convert `Subscription` to a `str` for logging.
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