The 'must use' plugins on the VIP Go platform.
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ci Strip .travis.yml files from build Dec 20, 2016
cron-control @ dba6362 Update Cron Control CLI commands Dec 14, 2016
debug-bar-cron @ 35c1cdb Load Debug Bar Cron if it isn't already present Dec 5, 2016
debug-bar Update to latest Debug Bar Jun 7, 2016
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jetpack @ 23e4438 Jetpack 4.5 (#427) Jan 18, 2017
performance Simplify Lock Jan 6, 2017
query-monitor @ 3fd49c2 Query Monitor version update to 2.9.1 Mar 15, 2016
rewrite-rules-inspector @ d5cd1f1 Submodule rewrite-rules-inspector Jun 25, 2015
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vip-dashboard @ 69e3657 Update VIP Dashboard submodule Oct 20, 2016
vip-feed-cache Naming consistency: VIPGO => VIP_Go Dec 16, 2016
vip-helpers Sync with WPcom Jan 9, 2017
vip-jetpack @ 129566b Bump vip-jetpack (#428) Jan 18, 2017
vip-support @ 1c97d3b Bump VIP Support plugin to 3.0.0 Mar 15, 2016
wordpress-importer Update wordpress-importer 0.6.1 => 0.6.3 Dec 21, 2016
wp-cli Better messaging and an extra confirmation when performing the real t… Sep 10, 2016
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001-cron.php Cron Parallelization (#329) Nov 29, 2016
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Makefile PHPUnit infrastructure, and kit to run PHPUnit tests on Travis, plus … May 21, 2015 Changes to make more sense now the source repo is public May 11, 2016 Remove obscure reference to private site Oct 21, 2016
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akismet.php Update Akismet to 3.2 (#421) Jan 5, 2017
debug-bar.php Load Debug Bar Cron if it isn't already present Dec 5, 2016
jetpack.php Jetpack 4.5 (#427) Jan 18, 2017
misc.php Only force https REST API URLs on Go environments (#418) Jan 4, 2017
options-importer.php Initial commit of mu-plugins Mar 26, 2015
performance.php Add plugin that stores lastpostmodified async Dec 15, 2016
phpunit.xml PHPUnit infrastructure, and kit to run PHPUnit tests on Travis, plus … May 21, 2015
query-monitor.php Add custom collector for queries for Query Monitor plugin Jul 27, 2016
rewrite-rules-inspector.php Rewrite Rules Inspoctor: prevent resetting permlink structure to defa… Aug 24, 2016
security.php Reword Security plugin header to avoid v2 references Jul 8, 2015
vaultpress.php Sync latest VaultPress plugin Jul 22, 2016
vip-cache-manager.php Rename various files and directories from `cache-manager` to `vip-cac… Jul 25, 2016
vip-dashboard.php Switch mu-plugin shims to symlinks Jun 4, 2015
vip-feed-cache.php Naming consistency: VIPGO => VIP_Go Dec 16, 2016
vip-mail.php Set the wp_mail_from priority to 1 Aug 18, 2016
vip-rest-api.php Caution against use of these routes Sep 28, 2016
vip-support.php Switch mu-plugin shims to symlinks Jun 4, 2015
wordpress-importer.php Add plugin headers for MU plugin files without them Apr 1, 2015
wp-cli.php Gotta start somewhere Sep 9, 2016

VIP Go MU Plugins

Every commit which is merged to the master branch of this repository is automattically pushed to the public copy at Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public. There are exceptions which are not deployed, these are controlled by the script.


PHP Linting and PHP Unit tests are run by Travis, see the script section of .travis.yml. Test results are reported into one of the VIP Slack channels.

For notes on running tests locally, see


When the tests have been successfully run, the script deploys a build of this repository and it's submodules to the public repository at Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public.

Deployment process:

  1. The private part of a deploy key for Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public is encrypted against this repository (Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public), meaning it can only be decrypted by Travis running scripts related to this repo
  2. This repository and it's submodules are checked out, again, to start the build
  3. All VCS config and metadata is removed from the build
  4. Various files are removed, including the .travis.yml containing the encrypted private part of the deploy key
  5. The Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public repo is checked out
  6. The .git directory from the Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public repository is moved into the build directory, and a commit is created representing the changes from this build
  7. The commit is pushed to the Automattic/vip-mu-plugins-public repository