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City Tax rate not getting calculated #1355

yukikatayama opened this Issue Mar 28, 2018 · 9 comments


8 participants
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yukikatayama commented Mar 28, 2018


City Tax rate not getting calculated with automated tax.

  1. Set up automated taxes for, say, Springdale, Arkansas 72764
  2. check out a product also in Springdale. The combined state, county and city tax should be a 9.75%, but only showing 7.5%



{"order_total_amount":60.0,"shipping":0.0,"taxable_amount":60.0,"amount_to_collect":4.5,"rate":0.075,"has_nexus":true,"freight_taxable":true,"tax_source":"destination","breakdown":{"taxable_amount":60.0,"tax_collectable":4.5,"combined_tax_rate":0.075,"state_taxable_amount":60.0,"state_tax_rate":0.065,"state_tax_collectable":3.9,"county_taxable_amount":60.0,"county_tax_rate":0.01,"county_tax_collectable":0.6,"city_taxable_amount":0.0,"city_tax_rate":0.0,"city_tax_collectable":0.0,"special_district_taxable_amount":0.0,"special_tax_rate":0.0,"special_district_tax_collectable":0.0,"shipping":{"taxable_amount":0.0,"tax_collectable":0.0,"combined_tax_rate":0.075,"state_taxable_amount":0.0,"state_sales_tax_rate":0.065,"state_amount":0.0,"county_taxable_amount":0.0,"county_tax_rate":0.01,"county_amount":0.0,"city_taxable_amount":0.0,"city_tax_rate":0.0,"city_amount":0.0,"special_taxable_amount":0.0,"special_tax_rate":0.0,"special_district_amount":0.0},"line_items":[{"id":"588-daca41214b39c5dc66674d09081940f0","taxable_amount":60.0,"tax_collectable":4.5,"combined_tax_rate":0.075,"state_taxable_amount":60.0,"state_sales_tax_rate":0.065,"state_amount":3.9,"county_taxable_amount":60.0,"county_tax_rate":0.01,"county_amount":0.6,"city_taxable_amount":0.0,"city_tax_rate":0.0,"city_amount":0.0,"special_district_taxable_amount":0.0,"special_tax_rate":0.0,"special_district_amount":0.0}]}}} (WCS Tax)

@jeffstieler jeffstieler referenced this issue Mar 29, 2018


Street Address Support / Rooftop Accuracy #33

7 of 9 tasks complete

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jeffstieler commented Mar 29, 2018

Looks like a solution is being tested by the TaxJar folks: taxjar/taxjar-woocommerce-plugin#33


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dsmithweb commented Jul 10, 2018

Another report of this in 1270326-zd-woothemes fwiw. Looks like the fix is merged into master over there in TaxJar land, so hopefully the fix will be rolled out soon :)


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jeffstieler commented Jul 10, 2018

@dsmithweb, the original PR was closed without being merged - the current work is being done here: taxjar/taxjar-woocommerce-plugin#75


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ChrisColotti commented Jul 17, 2018

The City Tax rate not getting calculated is affecting me too and I cannot use auto calculations as it's pulling the wrong tax rate for my base location. I had to revert to manual calculations for my city but if/when the full US tax in every state goes into effect I will need to open a TaxJar account and revert back to auto. I hope this gets fixed soon.


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ChrisColotti commented Aug 1, 2018



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grigorijurasov commented Nov 20, 2018

One more report - 1560593 zen.

I checked this on my test site with Louisville 80027 both as the shop address and the billing address. I've got a total of 4%.

screenshot Image Link:

screenshot Image Link:

According to this and confirmed by this I'm guessing that the Colorado and District taxes are there but the county and city tax rates are omitted:

screenshot Image Link:

We chatted with @marcinbot and he suggested adding an actual Louisville address (I used 141-299 Polk Ave) but that didn't help on both mine and Marcin's test sites.

So it seems that not only the city tax, but the county tax might not be working.


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mikkamp commented Dec 31, 2018

Another report of a different location but same issue: 1666995-zen

Sales tax calculator gives the following taxes, for Arvada 80003 US:

CO STATE | 2.900%
ARVADA | 3.460%
DISTRICT(S) | 1.100%
Total Sales Tax Rate: 7.960%

But in WooCommerce we only get a total tax rate of 4%, which is State + District Tax. County tax and city tax are not included. If we have a look at the log we see the following request and reply:

12-31-2018 @ 10:58:17 - :::: TaxJar Plugin requested :::: (WCS Tax)
12-31-2018 @ 10:58:17 - :::: TaxJar API called :::: (WCS Tax)
12-31-2018 @ 10:58:17 - Requesting: taxjar/v2/taxes - {"from_country":"US","from_state":"CO","from_zip":"80117","from_city":"Kiowa","from_street":"Street","to_country":"US","to_state":"CO","to_zip":"80003","to_city":"Arvada","to_street":"7220 W 61st Ave","shipping":"5.00","plugin":"woo","line_items":[{"id":"7-8f14e45fceea167a5a36dedd4bea2543","quantity":1,"product_tax_code":"","unit_price":"10","discount":"0"}]} (WCS Tax)
12-31-2018 @ 10:58:18 - Received: {"tax":{"order_total_amount":15.0,"shipping":5.0,"taxable_amount":15.0,"amount_to_collect":0.6,"rate":0.04,"has_nexus":true,"freight_taxable":true,"tax_source":"modified-origin","jurisdictions":{"country":"US","state":"CO","county":"JEFFERSON","city":"ARVADA"},"breakdown":{"taxable_amount":15.0,"tax_collectable":0.6,"combined_tax_rate":0.04,"state_taxable_amount":15.0,"state_tax_rate":0.029,"state_tax_collectable":0.44,"county_taxable_amount":0.0,"county_tax_rate":0.0,"county_tax_collectable":0.0,"city_taxable_amount":0.0,"city_tax_rate":0.0,"city_tax_collectable":0.0,"special_district_taxable_amount":15.0,"special_tax_rate":0.011,"special_district_tax_collectable":0.17,"shipping":{"taxable_amount":5.0,"tax_collectable":0.2,"combined_tax_rate":0.04,"state_taxable_amount":5.0,"state_sales_tax_rate":0.029,"state_amount":0.15,"county_taxable_amount":0.0,"county_tax_rate":0.0,"county_amount":0.0,"city_taxable_amount":0.0,"city_tax_rate":0.0,"city_amount":0.0,"special_taxable_amount":5.0,"special_tax_rate":0.011,"special_district_amount":0.06},"line_items":[{"id":"7-8f14e45fceea167a5a36dedd4bea2543","taxable_amount":10.0,"tax_collectable":0.4,"combined_tax_rate":0.04,"state_taxable_amount":10.0,"state_sales_tax_rate":0.029,"state_amount":0.29,"county_taxable_amount":0.0,"county_tax_rate":0.0,"county_amount":0.0,"city_taxable_amount":0.0,"city_tax_rate":0.0,"city_amount":0.0,"special_district_taxable_amount":10.0,"special_tax_rate":0.011,"special_district_amount":0.11}]}}} (WCS Tax)

In the reply we can see it did detect the right location:


But the tax rates don't match the calculator:


@jeffstieler Is this an issue with the rates being returned from TaxJar? Should it be reported there directly? It doesn't seem like it's being addressed by any of the previous issues which were linked here.


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marcinbot commented Jan 8, 2019

I had a look at the issues listed here and found the following:

The initial issue by @yukikatayama of Springdale, AR tax rates has been fixed when we added street-level accuracy and the taxes from AR to AR are now 9.75%.

The issues reported by @grigorijurasov and @mikkamp both relate to the state of Colorado. I ran the original plugin and raw requests to the API and they also returned tax rates only for state+special. But then I had a look at which mentions:

Colorado is divided into districts. If you make a sale to someone in your district, you collect the full combined sales tax rate at your buyer’s ship to address.

Which seems to imply that if the seller and customer are located in different districts then the county+city rates do not apply. I checked and if the same postcode is used then the plugin does return all the rates (state, county, city, special) as expected. Also this seems to have been fixed since @grigorijurasov's report where we tested with the same postcode.

So this seems to have been fixed for AR and by design for CO. I'm going to close this, but feel free reopen or create a new issue if needed.


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billrobbins commented Jan 17, 2019

We had a user in the forum reporting that local taxes were not being collected properly in Colorado.

@shaunkuschel and I ran some tests on my test site to see if we could reproduce it. What we discovered was whenever someone makes a purchase from the same location in Colorado, the state tax in the Standard Rates table would reset and no city tax would be added.

Here is the rate after a Denver to Denver calculation:

Denver Only

This is what happens a quote to Louisville, CO

Neither one pulled local rates. For Denver it should be:

TaxJar Denver Rates

The only way we could get accurate calculations was to manually add in Denver. After that the calculation there was correct:

Manual Denver Tax

Checkout to Denver

These tests were run with:

  • Jetpack 6.9
  • WooCommerce 3.5.3
  • WooCommerce Services 1.18.0

@billrobbins billrobbins reopened this Jan 17, 2019

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