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Coding Guidelines

Our coding guidelines are based on the standards adopted by the WordPress core project and with adjustments based on some of the particulars of Calypso and other improvements. If you come across issues or have suggestions, don't hesitate to open a PR.

Language-Specific Guidelines

General Rules

  1. Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)
  2. Write your code with your fellow developers in mind. A large part of the developer experience is being able to randomly open any file in the project and understand the code.
  3. Try to stay consistent with the rest of the codebase, and when you recognize inconsistencies or fundamental design issues, bring them up. We all own the codebase and like a garden, we all need to help tend the weeds and keep the plants fertilized.
  4. Avoid premature optimization. Write clean code and if it doesn't perform well, then optimize.
  5. Avoid both over-engineering and under-designing the code. Things should be thought out in the context of what they do now and how they are utilized.

Calypso already encourages a modular approach to architecting a system. Apply this throughout all the levels of what you do, from your functions to your files.