Editor: a full image edit options modal is missing #307

designsimply opened this Issue Nov 20, 2015 · 12 comments

Users would like to have a way to edit image details similar to the edit flow for galleries. They would like to be able to edit everything you have access to modify in WP Admin.

Here is how it currently looks in WordPress.com:

screen shot 2015-11-20 at fri nov 20 2 22 32 pm

screen shot 2015-11-20 at 14 24 32

In WP Admin, you can access the "Image Details" screen by clicking on the pencil icon in the image toolbar. (1m36s)

screen shot 2015-11-20 at fri nov 20 2 16 58 pm

screen shot 2015-11-20 at 13 58 47

Recently, the most-requested items have been:

  • Link To
  • Image Border & Color
  • Image Margins

They also expect to be able to change:

  • Caption
  • Alt text

Other things are used and requested less frequently to my knowledge.

@designsimply designsimply added this to the Editor: v1.1 milestone Nov 20, 2015
koke commented Nov 23, 2015

Link To is the one I'm missing the most, but in my case it's often because some images look small on a post and I want to be able to see them bigger. I think I wouldn't care about where the image links to if clicking on it would open a bigger view like it does when it's a gallery.


Also seen this request in ticket 982616. For now I'm recommending they switch to the old editor to access the link-to functionality, or click the 'link' button after inserting the image which also works.


User at 2437867-t complains about missing image editing features, in this case regarding cropping, flipping and rotation.


User missing the "Link To" feature here.

aduth commented Jan 15, 2016

As an FYI, we do support linking to the original images by clicking the Add Link button in the toolbar after selecting an image. Doing so will prepopulate the URL field with a link to the full-size image. This is a common use-case, though we do intend to add support for other "Link to" options (attachment page, custom URL, etc).


Yeah, the problem is that you have to do that in all images, add image then add the link. Before, if you set "Link To" to "Media File" in the first one, when adding other images it was loading the same option as default.

jeherve commented Mar 28, 2016

User missing the "Link To" feature here.


User in 2621414-t is missing "Link To" for media file. A feature he relies on a weekly basis.


I'm trying to improve the accessibility of my posts my adding alt to my images. I don't see how to do that in Calypso. I usually drag-and-drop images. The inline image toolbar allows adding a caption, but not alt.

@aduth aduth referenced this issue Apr 29, 2016

Create TinyMCE command for adding media #5092

1 of 1 task complete

I added accessibility because alt provisioning is not part of drag-and-drop image flow. Encourage accessible images.


Giving this a bump because of the accessibility implications.

The lack of a modal means those who drag-and-drop images directly into the editor can't add alt text to dropped images without rummaging in the insert image modal (accessed via a + plus button).

Further, without access to the image details modal from the editor’s inline image toolbar, adding alt to images on old posts requires scrolling through the image modal looking for the right image amidst months of thumbnails. Unlike in core WP, there is no “Images uploaded to this post” filter. This is supremely frustrating flow if you trying to be good about alt text.



+1 to adding this soon

Link To in paritcular is asked by users quite frequently and while it can be done in the Calypso Editor by clicking the image, then the link icon, having to do this for every image is tedious and it’s not intuitive to users how to do this, especially those used to the options already in the WP Admin editor.

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