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This module is where all the client-side magic starts. The core set of application modules that contain the client-side application routes, any additional application bootstrapping occurs, and the page.js router is started triggering the initial route handler.

Folder structure

├── app.js
├── common.js
├── dev-modules.js
└── project/
    └── wordpress-com.js

There is a single entry point for the Webpack client build: client/boot/app.js. It is responsible for handling a lot of features we want to happen on every page.

The major ones are shared between all projects and live in client/boot/common.js file. Those are in roughly chronological order:

  • Initializing i18n
  • Injecting the i18n mixin to React components
  • Boot strapping translation strings
  • Loading development utils *
  • Adding touch events
  • Adding accessibility focus features
  • Initializing and configuring Redux store
  • Passing the query and hash objects into the page.js context
  • Loading sections
  • Setting general purpose middlewares (handlers for oauth, logged out, clear notices, unsaved forms)
  • Starting page.js

* All development tools are now located in client/boot/dev-modules.js file and are guarded with environment check to make sure they are never bundled into production builds.

All remaining handlers remain in the project specific file client/boot/project/${ projectName }.js. This open possibilities to create custom configurations tailored to particular projects. Example of project (WordPress.com) specific features (see client/boot/project/wordpress-com.js):

  • Setting the document title
  • Passing layout to all page handlers
  • Setting up analytics
  • Rendering the main layout template
  • Focussing parts of the layout based on the query string
  • Handling query strings
  • Loading various helpers (Happychat initialization, keyboard shortcuts)

Project specific API

Each project is capable of hooking in its own custom functionality. It is possible by implementing any of the following API methods:

  • locales( currentUser )
  • utils()
  • configureReduxStore( currentUser, reduxStore )
  • setupMiddlewares( currentUser, reduxStore )

They are all optional and they may be exported from the project file. Each provide function is executed just after its corresponding shared method with the same signature.