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Server-side Rendering

Output is built on the server side by the following modules (corresponding to subdirectories of server/):

  • boot is the entry point, which loads the Express middleware and configures some basic settings. It then invokes
  • pages, which uses Express to
    • set up even more configuration, depending the type of the environment (development, staging, production, etc.), settings from /config, etc.
    • define the basic routing, depending on whether the user is logged in or not
    • compute necessary variables, wraps them in a context object
    • render content by passing that to 404.jsx, 500.jsx, browsehappy.jsx, support-user.jsx, index.jsx or desktop.jsx template files, respectively.
  • index.jsx
    • builds an HTML skeleton, including <script> tags to load relevant JavaScript files (minified unless in debug mode or in the development environment) that contain client-side (React) rendering code
    • lastly, it runs window.AppBoot(), which is defined in client/boot.