A webhooks client that connects wp-calypso to wp-e2e-tests
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A webhooks client that sits between wp-calypso pull requests and e2e canary tests to execute the e2e tests against pull requests and provide status updates.

These webhooks also comment on wp-calypso PRs that modify the active A/B tests file to ensure these are updated in the e2e tests project.

These provide two webhook paths to do this:

  1. https://a8c-gh-e2e-bridge.go-vip.co/ghwebhook: this is the GitHub webhook that takes the pull request event and kicks off a corresponding CircleCI e2e canary test build
  2. https://a8c-gh-e2e-bridge.go-vip.co/circleciwebhook: this is the CircleCI webhook that takes the circleCI webhook when a build is finished and updates the GithHub wp-calypso PR with the appropriate execution result

Local development using ngrok (on macOS)

  1. Install ngrok - brew install ngrok on macOS
  2. Set bridge secret export BRIDGE_SECRET='mysecret' where mysecret is a generated key
  3. Set CircleCI key export CIRCLECI_SECRET='circlesecret' where circlesecret is a CircleCI API
  4. Set GitHub Key export GITHUB_SECRET='githubkey' where githubkey is a GitHub API key
  5. Optionally set CALYPSO_PROJECT, E2E_MAIN_PROJECT, E2E_WRAPPER_PROJECT, E2E_WRAPPER_BRANCH, TRIGGER_LABEL and FLOW_PATROL_ONLY if you wish to override the default values
  6. npm start which starts this server on port 7777
  7. In another terminal tab, run ngrok http 7777 which should provide you a HTTPS url to your localhost server: eg. https://675bbbef.ngrok.io -> localhost:7777
  8. Make sure you can access your webhook: eg. curl https://675bbbef.ngrok.io/circleciwebhook
  9. Add your ngrok webhook URLs to both Github Project Webhooks (via the UI) and Circle (via circle.yml) - when adding the Webhook to GitHub only select the 'Pull Request' event and make sure you choose content type of 'application/json'
  10. As you make changes you will need to re-run npm start but ngrok will continue to work

Deployment to VIP GO

These webhooks are now hosted on VIP GO (see links above). Just merge to master and it will be deployed 😊