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+# Frontend Uploader
+## Description
+This plugin gives you an ability to easily accept, moderate and publish user generated content (currently, there are 3 modes: media, post, post + media). The plugin allows you to create a front end form with multiple fields (easily customizable with shortcodes). You can limit which MIME-types are supported for each field. All of the submissions are safely held for moderation in Media/Post/Custom Post Types menu under a special tab "Manage UGC". Review, moderate and publish. It's that easy!
+## Installation
+1. `git clone` in your WP plugins directory
+1. `git submodule update --init --recursive` in the plugin dir to get dependencies
+1. Activate the plugin
+1. Set the settings
+1. Enjoy
+## Developers
+Miss a feature? Pull requests are welcome.

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