Quick Guide to the AE Java API - Part 3
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Extended Framework for the Automation Engine Java API

Quick Guide to the AE Java API - Part 3 http://github.com/Automic-Community/Extended-Framework-for-the-Automation-Engine-Java-API

Contents of Solution Package:


Documenation and Instructions

The Java API for the Automation Engine (AE) is a powerful tool that allows limitless extensibility.
This guide is the follow up to the "Getting Started" and "Using Sample Code" guides.

This is the last module.

A framework was built around the existing Java API in order to make its usage:

  • Simpler
  • Quicker to setup
  • Easier to understand for beginners
  • Fully collaborative and open
  • Easily Extensible

The guide contains instructions on how to download the framework, how to use it, and explains its architecture in details.


This framework is being regularly extended via various contributions.. Feel free to participate :)

Here is a few examples of what you can easily achieve:

  • creation / duplication of any objects (JOBS, JOBP, CALL etc.)
  • mass modification of objects
  • modification of variables
  • creation and configuration of users
  • .. and so much more ..

Copyright and License

Solutions, Templates, Actions and other content available on the Automic Marketplace subject to the Automic [Developers Distribution License] (http://automic.com/developers-distribution-license) as well as the Automic Community [Terms of Service] (http://automic.com/community-terms-of-service). Automic does not support, maintain or warrant any content submitted by the Automic Community.

Questions or Need Help?

Any questions or comments? Converse with your fellow Users in the [Automic Community] (https://community.automic.com).