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Integrate into Service Management processes
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ServiceNow Community Action Pack

Integrate into Service Management processes

Contents of Solution Package:


Documenation and Instructions

This Action Pack allows you to integrate into ServiceNow as part of an automated process, focusing on Change Management and Incident Management.

  • Create Change Requests as part of an automated workflow and wait for approval before continuing.
  • Update Changes and Change Tasks with data collected by an automated workflow.
  • Create Incidents in response to workflow errors and attach log files to the incident.

In addition, a set of generic Actions are provided to allow you to work on any ServiceNow table, record and field.


  • Automation Engine v12.x
  • Automation Agent Web Services Agent v4

Note: Since 28 Feb 2019, this community Action Pack can be replaced by a supported Action Pack

Copyright and License

Solutions, Templates, Actions and other content available on the Automic Marketplace subject to the Automic [Developers Distribution License] ( as well as the Automic Community [Terms of Service] ( Automic does not support, maintain or warrant any content submitted by the Automic-Community.

Questions or Need Help?

Any questions or comments? Converse with your fellow Users in the [Automic Community] (

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