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Automizy Js Api — JavaScript API library for Automizy Marketing Automation software

What is AutomizyJs API?

AutomizyJs API is a collection of JavaScript modules and functions which make the communication with the software Automizy as easy as possible.

Automatic authentication

You can gain access to the software only knowing a user name and password. The AutomizyJs API does all the hard work, you don't have to mess with token validation, although it gives the opportunity to do so if you really want.

//Logging in with username and password
    username: "",
    password: "password123"
}); //returns object with refresh and access token

Execute complex queries with simple conditions

By using the basic functions of AutomizyJs API you can get any data of a given module in the winkling of an eye, you only have to give some simple conditions.

//Get all segments that have 'test' in their name
        ['name', 'in', '%test%']

Standardized return values

AutomizyJs API utilizes all features jQuery provides, every query returns a jqXHR object, this way you will be able to use the results in any context.

Dev sites

You can check the full documentation of AutomizyJs here:

In case you are interested in our other projects too, check


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at