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autorevision history
1.15 @ 2016-08-08:
Add support for action stamps.
Add support for plain c/c++ source output.
Activate mq as needed for hg.
Add an .editorconfig file.
1.14 @ 2016-02-22:
Fix PHP output.
Use constants array in PHP output.
Make sure that the cache file gets outputted where expected.
Add an example for use with waf.
1.13 @ 2015-07-31:
Make the man page more reproducible.
Make sure VCS_WS_MODIFIED is not empty for svn.
Remove sql output until such time as it can be completed.
Add some missing example files.
1.12 @ 2015-03-16
Use --xml for svn when we care about the output.
New site:
Handle older svn detection more gracefully.
1.11 @ 2015-02-20
Added scheme, clojure, rpm, and sql outputs.
Added hpp, matlab, and octave outputs.
Reorder types in help and asciidoc to be more alphabetical.
Try using md5sum when md5 is not available when making tarballs.
Fix a typo in the svn driver.
1.10a @ 2014-10-24
Emergency bug fix.
1.10 @ 2014-10-23
Cover the case of split repository heads.
Add initial Swift output support.
1.9 @ 2014-05-23
Add a logo.
Only update the cache file when there are changes.
New dependency `cmp`.
1.8 @ 2013-12-27
Added user-set symbol VC_EXTRA.
Added VCS_UUID as a unique repostory key.
1.7 @ 2013-12-01
Autogenerate the AUTHORS file.
Do not change empty CACHEFILE to `./`.
Make sure the -U option works properly.
1.6 @ 2013-08-28
Use autorevision in autorevision.
Ensure that the cache path is one that can be sourced.
Add an AUTHORS file.
1.5 @ 2013-08-12
Add support for git-svn - gives back the Subversion revision, not the hash.
Add a -U to check for unversioned files in svn.
1.4 @ 2013-01-18
Remove bashisms.
Add "python" and "perl" language synonyms.
Add m4.
Work around unreliable return value of git diff in
1.3 @ 2012-12-09
(La)TeX output support added.
1.2 @ 2012-10-30
Bazaar extractor added.
autorevision can now usually be called safely from subdirectories.
Drop back to numeric VCS_WC_MODIFIED so the C processor can use it.
1.1 @ 2012-10-28
Java and Java properties support added.
1.0 @ 2012-10-25
Initial release.