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Standart theme for Space-Desktop application
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Space-Desktop Logo


Space desktop is an application for running php and python (in development) code on chromim engine with css, html, js support. You can create desktop software for Windows with php and python (in near future). Realeases for Mac and Linux will be in future updates.

Space-Desktop-Docs Logo

Official Documentation

You can download Space-DEsktop documentation from current page - Documentation. You also can read online documentation online on this page - Online Docs.

Important Links

  • Space-Desktop Website - The official website of a framework and an application.
  • Facebook - My Facebok page.
  • Patreon - Patreon page. With patronage I will be able to buy more licences and external software for future Space-Desktop updates.

Theme Standart

It's Standart theme for Space-Desktop application. It works fine with any OS and you can use some issues in browser.


System settings and requirements:

Space-Desktop 0.99 or higher.


Unpack the theme in 'themes' folder of Space-Desktop application


Please read a License on a GitHub page (MIT).


The most current version will be posted here on the GitHub page. To download another versions or themes go to Space-Desktop Website.


Vasilenko (Kaydalovskiy) Artem Oleksiyovych - The developer

Questions and suggestions

If you have a question or proposition, mail me to this address You can also send me a mail letter on legal issues. If you noticed that some laws were been violated, write me describe an issue.

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