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Library to implement common UIs easily. Available UI types are: TabActivity, SectionActivity and HybridActivity. Pre-ICS devices are also supported with the help of ActionBarSherlock. Use library folder for ICS+ devices only and library-sherlock together with your installation of ActionBarSherlock for 2.1+ projects.

GrilledUI is licensed under 2 clause BSD license. In simple words - use the way you want! But remember to notify your users that you use this library.


This is a base activity to create your tabbed UIs. It wraps all the code needed to create and manage scrollable tabs inside activity. Empty activity is created by default, override createSectionAdapter() method to add tabs on start-up or use getSectionAdapter() to retrieve current section adapter to manage tabs dynamically.


This is a base activity to create master detail flow UI for your app. Unlike Google's example, everything is done in one activity, UI sections can be populated from XML file and dynamic modification is available.


This activity is a hybrid between MDF and tabs. Tabs will be used on phones and MDF on tablets by default. But behaviour can easily be overriden with proper layouts. It is quite possible to use MDF in landscape and tabs in portrait orientation, for example. Check out CustomLayoutExample for this advanced behaviour.


XmlSectionReader is a convenience class to load tab sections from XML file. Override createSectionAdapter() and return SectionAdapter from XmlSectionReader.load() method. You can use XML resources or any XML in form of XmlPullParser instance. You can use @string resources inside XML file to reuse your internationalized string resources as tab titles.

XML example

XML file must have <sections> root tag with multiple <section> tags inside. Each <section> should have title and fragment attributes. title will be shown as a tab title and fragment is a fully qualified class name containing fragment for section tab.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <section title="@string/title_section1" fragment="com.grilledmonkey.grilleduiexample.DummySectionFragment" />
  <section title="@string/title_section2" fragment="com.grilledmonkey.grilleduiexample.TabModFragment" />


Check project wiki for code example descriptions and where to find them (all inside repo, actually).


Screenshots are available in Picasa album.

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