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Encrypted GNU/Linux OS (based on Debian Wheezy) wich can be installed on USB flash drive.

Freepto is designed for encrypt your communications (OTR, GPG, SSL), carry your documents in secure way (LUKS) and save your anonymity (TOR, OPENVPN)

For developers: build Freepto

You need a debian wheezy and some packages installed: aptitude install live-build python git-core debootstrap

Just clone a repository, edit the configuration file:

vim config/freepto

and run:

lb config && lb build

and you'll find a binary.img file :)

We are also providing a Vagrantfile to create quickly a Freepto development environment

For users: Burn Freepto on a USB

You can download the latest images from

Use "dmesg" to identify the usb device:

$ dmesg


$ sudo bash makefreepto -h

$ sudo bash makefreepto -i binary.img -p myS3cr3t#luksp4ssw0rd /dev/sdX





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