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Avalonia Templates for dotnet new

For more information about dotnet new templates see here.

Installing the templates

Clone this repository and run:

dotnet new --install [path-to-repository]

The templates should now be available in dotnet:

Templates                   Short Name        Language      Tags
Console Application         console           [C#], F#      Common/Console
Class library               classlib          [C#], F#      Common/Library
Unit Test Project           mstest            [C#], F#      Test/MSTest
xUnit Test Project          xunit             [C#], F#      Test/xUnit
ASP.NET Core Empty          web               [C#]          Web/Empty
ASP.NET Core Web App        mvc               [C#], F#      Web/MVC
ASP.NET Core Web API        webapi            [C#]          Web/WebAPI
Avalonia .NET Core App      avalonia.app      [C#]          ui/xaml
Solution File               sln                             Solution

Creating a new Application

To create a new application called MyApp in its own subdirectory, run:

dotnet new avalonia.app -o MyApp

Creating a new Window

To create a new application called MyNewWindow, in the namespace MyApp run:

dotnet new avalonia.window -na MyApp -n MyNewWindow