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The V programming language, both its definition and implementation (in F#)
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  1. Installation

Clone the repository and cd into the directory

git clone
cd V

For the most recent development version, switch to the develop branch.

git checkout develop
  1. Building

  • Visual Studio

Open the V.sln project file in Visual Studio to compile and run the code.

  • Command Line

To build the project in the command line, run the following command.

msbuild V.sln


To use the command-line program msbuild, it is necessary to download the build tools.


To run msbuild, it is necessary to install the Mono framework.

  1. Running

After compilation, cd into the correct folder.

cd V/bin/Debug
  • Windows

Simply run the executable

V.exe --help
  • macOS/Unix

Run mono with the program as an argument

mono V.exe --help
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