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A Swift playground explaining the concepts of the new Combine framework
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A Swift Playground explaining the concepts of the new Combine framework

This playground will help you to get started with Combine - Apple Developer Documentation.

Included in this playground

The playground is a paged playground and is built up in several chapters

  • What is Combine?
  • Publishers & Subscribers
  • Rules of subscriptions
  • Foundation and Combine
  • @Published property and bindings
  • Memory management explained with AnyCancellable
  • Flatmap and matching error types
  • Combining Publishers
  • Future and Promises
  • Custom Publisher and UIKit extensions
  • Debugging publishers

More to come!

Playgrounds require Xcode beta 2 and up

Xcode beta 1 didn't support using Combine in playgrounds. For this you need at least Xcode beta 2. MacOS Catalina is not required.

Example of a playground page

Interesting resources

Some interesting resources regarding Combine.

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