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Contains all files needed for my Combine workshop.
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Combine Workshop

A workshop to get you started with the Apple Combine framework.

How to?

  • Watch and listen, Antoine explains you the basics using the Combine Swift Playground
  • Work in pairs of two (more fun if you don't know each other yet!)
  • Ask me to verify and give feedback on your step implementation
  • Implement each exercise step!

Four steps

  • Connect a single UISwitch to a button enabled state
  • Connect three UISwitch instances to a button enabled state
  • Handle form validation
  • Implement a search view to search for Swift repositories on Github

Extra exercises if you're really fast!

  • Step 3: Use the asynchronous usernameAvailable() method to validate the username
  • Step 3: Change the UITextField background color based on valid input to .red or .green
  • Step 4: Set UIApplication.shared.isNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible to true when the request is running

Available Combine operators

Useful resources

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