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  1. Make sure you launch the game at least once with the target Steam account,
     and switch to the Legacy Keys profile via the Reset hotkeys button, then close the game
  2. Run this .bat script - you might need to right-click it and Run as Administrator
  3. After trying to reopen Dota 2, chose "Upload" at the Cloud Sync Conflict prompt 
  4. Adjust your hotkeys in the now ARROW profile that mimics the LEGACY one via unit specific hotkeys  
     for example AntiMage's `C` to `D`  
  5. Say out loud "Gaben is an ass, IceFrog is overrated and Valve is a shitty company" three times.  
  6. Take a few seconds to let the feeling better about yourself sink in, then go play some DOTA!  

If you still did not get the point of doing this:
The point is to get rid of the Legacy Keys profile and the Use Legacy Keys option, never touch them again because both cause a reset of keys - and instead use only the new generated profile since it has all the UNIT SPECIFIC KEYS matching Legacy layout, with the obvious advantage that you can customize them to your needs without waiting for Valve to fix it every time.