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@AveYo AveYo released this Dec 25, 2018 · 4 commits to archive since this release

  • batch script for windows, can be run from anywhere (it will start dota with launch options itself)
  • lan.cfg for non-windows, must be saved in \steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\cfg\
    dota must be started with launch options: -allow_no_lobby_connect -insecure +exec_async lan.cfg
                       Dota 2 offline LAN play help by AveYo               
    :   Console command                :   Description                    :
    :   MAP DOTA                       :   Start LAN server               :
    :   CONNECT        :   Join  LAN server from other PC :
    :   DISCONNECT                     :   Leave server                   :
    :   CHANGELEVEL DOTA               :   Restart LAN server             :
    :   STATUS                         :   Print LAN ip:port for connect  :
    :   EXEC LAN                       :   Run this lan.cfg again         :     
 - use a single net adaptor connected to a router or phone hotspot without internet  
 - disable os firewall; set connection type to work/home - all pc's should reply to ping 
 - start Steam in offline mode before launching the game 
 - player that started the server should not pick a team until all others have done it 
 - all players should wait until everybody is in the pick screen to select a hero 
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