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A personalised, collaborative, To-Do List application. Add as many people as you want and keep track of Group goals and progress.


  • Create a group from existing users, and keep track of group goals and progress.
  • Maintain your own To-Do lists.
  • Edit any existing task.
  • Remove tasks from lists when they're completed.

How to use

Go to Taskify and choose your preffered method of sign in. If you haven't signed up already, then clicking on a sign in method will sign you up for a new account. The Tasks tab is for your personal tasks, and the Groups tab is for your task groups.

Building from the repo

  • Clone the repository, then navigate to it on your terminal and run npm install.
  • Once all the dependencies have finished downloading, create a new Firebase project, click on 'Add Firebase to your web app'.
  • Then copy the api key and other details you find there and replace the dummy text in src/environments/environment.ts and src/environments/
  • In firebase, under authentication, enable Google and Facebook as sign in providers.
  • Run ng serve to test it, run ng build --aot --prod --output-hashing none to create a production build, and then firebase deploy to deploy it to firebase.