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A PHP Library for work etc.

Installing & Using

  1. Download the library and include it.

    <? require 'worketc.php'; ?>

  2. Create an instance. You'll probably want to provide your worketc site alias.

    <? $worketc = new WorkETC(array('alias'=>'yourcompany')); ?>

  3. Call the login method. It will return a boolean.

    <? $worketc->login($user, $pass);

  4. Call one a method from WorkETC. They provide documentation here. Look closely at their docs. Some methods are spelled wrong, and must be called that way:

    <? print_r($worketc->GetActvities()); ?>

    If you need to provide some input, do it like this:

    <? print_r($worketc->GetSupportCasesByOwner(array(
        'EntityID' => 1,        // 1 is usually the first user
        'status' => 'Open',     // check the docs for other statuses
        'top' => 0              // Not documented well. It means how many to return. 0 is all.
    ))); ?>
  5. All requests to WorkETC are either a login with user/pass or else have an HTTP header called VeetroSession. If you need access to this key you can read it like this:

    <?= $worketc->session('VeetroSession'); ?>

    And write it like this:

    <? $worketc->session('VeetroSession', $newVeetroSession); ?>

  6. You can check your login status by requesting the SoapClient from PHP-WorkETC:

    <? if($worketc->getClient()) { ... } ?>

  7. WorkETC does not convert the timezone for you. We have provided a static method to help with this.

    <?= WorkETC::date($target_timezone, $worketc_time, $output_format, $from); ?>

    Only the first argument is required. If no time is provided, the current time will be used. If no output format is provided, we will output in worketc format (00-00-00T00:00:00). If no from format is provided, we will assume UTC (WorkETC default).


Any of these options can be provied to the constructor or the login function.

  • alias - Which worketc site to connect to. alias.worketc.com.
  • debug - Set this to either WorkETC::DEBUG or WorkETC::ERROR. Defaults to WorkETC::ERROR.
  • session_prefix - String to prefix session variables with. Default is WorkETC_.
  • header_method - How to provide the VeetroSession header. If you are windows, change this to WorkETC::HEADER_INI. Default is WorkETC::HEADER_STREAM.


These are the extra methods (beyond worketc docs) that are provided in the PHP-WorkETC Class. Optional values are preset.

// Creates a worketc soapclient.
$worketc = new WorkETC($options=array());

// Logs into the website with the specified credentials and saves the VeetroSession key.
$worketc->login($user, $pass, $options=array());

// Retrieves a session variable that is used by PHP-WorkETC.
$worketc->session($varname, $value=false);

// Gets the URL requests are being made to.

// Gets the php SoapClient


See examples.php for a working example. Just provide your alias, username, and password.