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module PatternMatching (compilePatternMatching) where
import PatternMatching.Counters
import PatternMatching.NameWildcards
import PatternMatching.NumbersToIfs
import PatternMatching.ToCases
import PatternMatching.ToHandles
import PatternMatching.SimplifyHandles
import Control.Monad.State
import Syntax
matcherCompiler :: MonadState Counter m => Expr -> m Expr
matcherCompiler e = do
e1 <- nameWildcards e
e2 <- numbersToIfs e1
e3 <- functionsToHandles e2
e4 <- handlesToCases e3
return $ simplifyHandles e4
compilePatternMatching :: Expr -> Expr
compilePatternMatching e = fst $ runState (matcherCompiler e) emptyState
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