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Hu and Liu's lexicon
benchmark algo results.csv

Sentiment Analysis Project

The purpose of this project is comparing a basic sentiment analysis algorithm against a more elaborated one.

In order to test the algorithms, I used the reviews from the business JSON dataset that Yelp released in the second half of 2016.

####The basic algorithm's flow goes as follow:

  1. Read positive and negative lexicon - Hu and Liu's lexicon

  2. For each review, create a corpus:

    • convert all words to lowercase
    • remove punctuation
    • remove "english" stop words
  3. Count how many negative and positive words are found on each corpus

  4. Calculate positive - negative sums: If sum < 0 then negative If sum > 0 then positive Otherwise neutral review

The classification done by the algorithm is compared against the ranking that each users gave, together with the review.

After running a sample of 800000 reviews, the basic algorithm's results are as follow: