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getnode - install Node.JS from source, no thinking required!

When you're not used to it, the idea of compiling something from source can be scary. It's not very difficult once you're used to it, but that distribution's package manager... it just seems so much easier... and it's not that bad to be a few versions behind, is it?

Well, with Node.JS, being a few versions behind isn't a great idea. You're missing out on important improvements and bug fixes to a fairly young, still-stabilizing platform.

Stop waiting for the package manager to update - getnode!


 git clone


 cd getnode
 ./getnode 0.6.10

The version of node specified will be downloaded, decompressed, compiled, and installed while you wait.

I got an error after compiling!

Node tries to put itself in /usr/local/bin by default. Because getnode includes a call to curl, it does not attempt to run itself as root. Try sudo make install after getnode exits.