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+# getnode - install Node.JS from source, no thinking required!
+When you're not used to it, the idea of compiling something from source can be
+scary. It's not very difficult once you're used to it, but that distribution's
+package manager... it just seems so much easier... and it's not that bad to be a
+few versions behind, is it?
+Well, with Node.JS, being a few versions behind isn't a great idea. You're
+missing out on important improvements and bug fixes to a fairly young,
+still-stabilizing platform.
+## Stop waiting for the package manager to update - getnode!
+### Installation
+ git clone
+### Usage
+ cd getnode
+ ./getnode 0.6.10
+The version of node specified will be downloaded, decompressed, compiled, and
+installed while you wait.
+### I got an error after compiling!
+Node tries to put itself in `/usr/local/bin` by default. Because `getnode`
+includes a call to `curl`, it does not attempt to run itself as root. Try `sudo make
+install` after `getnode` exits.

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