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Experimental sensitive data storage tool for Node.js.

tag: v0.0.2

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gpgstore: experimental credential storage utility

v0.0.2 - Experimental

gpgstore is a utility to help securely store lists of credentials in separately encrypted 'tiers'. The first tier has access to all the data - each subsequent tier loses a level of access, and each tier's file can be encrypted with a separate gpg key.


gpgstore is in an early experimental state, but is currently functioning and usable. The user must install GnuPG and make sure it is available on their PATH before gpgstore can function properly.

gpgstore can be installed via GitHub:

 git clone git://


  avian@avian:~/gpgstore$ ./gpgstore
  gpgstore [JSON file to encrypt]
  gpgstore -d [decrypt file]

gpgstore can currently do two things: encryption from the master JSON to tiered .gpg files, and decryption of a given .gpg back to the screen.

Please Note that you may need to enter the password for your secret key in order to use it for decryption.

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