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Latest commit d3d03a8 Jan 17, 2017 @Avik-B major changes and this push is going to break the site.
Moving to more oop, loosely coupled dependency injection.
Using namespaces from this push.
settings is now config.php, which stores everything that is related to site directory, database, status etc.
updated the install update file to reflect the changes done to database tables.
Added basic enum support for php for type hinting in params.
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MusicBee Website is created and maintained by AvikB

A huge thanks to all the MusicBee community members for sharing their ideas and help me testing and proofreading the site

Copyright under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, for details visit:

The project is fully opensource for anyone to see the code behind. You can download, modify and share the code however you want as long as it meets the creative commons license agreement.

However since this project was specially designed for MusicBee's new home, a lots of the code might contain the term MusicBee, which you need to remove or modify before use this.

Opensource projects that are used to make this:

Name Version Link
PHP 5.4 and above website
MySQL 5.5 and above website
Git 2.8.3 website

Started with Node, Grunt, Scss but then Switched to Koala, which is a GUI for most known post processor and easy to use.

Name Version Link
Node.js 5.1.0 Website
Sass/Scss 3.4.9 -
Grunt 0.4.5 Website

For Javascript Library

Name Version Link
highlight.js 9.3.0 -
Jquery 2.1.4 Website
Markdown It 5.0.2 Website
Stack Blur 0.5 Website
Multiple Select 1.2.1 Website
Jquery Sticky 1.0.3 Website
Magnific Popup 1.1.0 Website
Modal Box 1.0.2 Website

and few others as well.

For PHP Libraries:

Name Version Link
Parsedown 1.6.0 Website
Parsedown Extra 0.7.0 Website
HTML Purifier 4.7.0 -