SSTP: Spatially Shifting Temporal Points
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Spatially Shifting Temporal Points (SSTP) is an alternative pooled within-time series (e.g. years) variogram estimation tool. This is particularly useful for spatially data-scarce regions, where abundant time series are available. For example, climate databases in developing countries are generally spatially scarce, i.e. only a few (< 50) meteorological stations data, but abundant in time, i.e. long (> 50 years) time series are available. A temporally constant spatial variogram can be estimated using SSTP that outperforms the erratic spatial variogram estimation for individual years and the available pooled within-time series variogram estimation technique.

A discussion paper on SSTP is available via:

Instructions for usage

You should have the latest version of R and the required packages installed as demonstrated in the "SSTP_script.R". Download the "SSTP_data.Rdata" and "SSTP_script.R" and follow the instructions in the script.