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Starter Kit 2 (SK2) based on the WNC M18Qx

M18QxIotMonitor Overview

The 'iot_monitor is a simple interactive monitor program intended to demonstrate the many features of the Start kit 2. The iot_monitor is installed at the factory and is available out of the box. To access it you need to have ADB installed on the PC connected to the SK2 so there are a few steps necessary to get started. The following assumes your connected PC has Ubuntu Linux installed and running, installation of the tools on other O/Ss will be different.

Prepare the development environment

Prepare the development environment by installing ADB and the compiler/tools needed. The basic tools needed can be obtained from

Install ADB

  1. Open up a terminal windows.

  2. Install ADB by issuing the command 'sudo apt-get install adb'

  3. Clone the AvnetWNCSDK by issuing the command 'git clone'

  4. Copy the file file adbpub.key from the AvnetWNCSDK directory to the ADB directory (cp ./AvnetWNCSDK/adbpub.key ~/.android/). This installs the security key so ADB can access the SK2.

  5. Connect your SK2 to the development PC

  6. Verify the ADB connection by listing the attached devices, sudo adb devices When you do this the SK2 should be reported as:

    AvnetWNCSDK$ sudo adb devices List of devices attached WNC_ADB device

Install the compiler and configure

  1. Goto the AvnetWNCSDK directory

  2. Install the tools by executing: sudo ./

  3. Add the environment variables (you will need to do this each time you open a new terminal window for development) by executing: " . /usr/local/oecore-x86_64/environment-setup-cortexa7-neon-vfpv4-oe-linux-gnueabi " (there is a spaces after the '.')

Install the M18QxIotMonitor source code

  1. Move up out of the AvnetWNCSDK directory.

  2. Clone the M18QxIoTMonitor code by executing: 'git clone'

  3. Change the directory to M18QxIotMonitor

  4. Set the environment: " . /usr/local/oecore-x86_64/environment-setup-cortexa7-neon-vfpv4-oe-linux-gnueabi "

  5. run autogen: ./

  6. run configure: "./configure ${CONFIGURE_FLAGS}"

The tools and source code are now installed. You can compile the code by typing: "make"

Push the executable to the SK2

You use ADB to push the executable image to the SK2 and place it in the corrector location. This location is "/CUSTAPP/". Execute the following:

M18QxIotMonitor$ adb push iot_monitor /CUSTAPP/iot/
[100%] /CUSTAPP/iot/iot_monitor

After the code has been pushed to the SK2, you can execute it by entering an ADB shell and running it, e.g.

M18QxIotMonitor$ adb shell
all.log           custapp.squashfs  psm
all.log.0         fwup              upload
all.log.1         iot               user
/CUSTAPP # cd iot
/CUSTAPP/iot # ./iot_monitor 

       ** **        **          **  ****      **  **********  ********** ®
      **   **        **        **   ** **     **  **              **
     **     **        **      **    **  **    **  **              **
    **       **        **    **     **   **   **  *********       **
   **         **        **  **      **    **  **  **              **
  **           **        ****       **     ** **  **              **
 **  .........  **        **        **      ****  **********      **
                                    Reach Further

 AVNET - AT&T Global Module IoT Monitor
 Version  1.03 // Sep 21 2018 @ 16:11:08 
 Hardware Supported: WNC M18Qx Cellular Data Module


A sieries of video's are avaialble at unter the Training tab.


The monitor source code for the IoT Starter Kit 2. This is the source code for the monitor that is delivered loaded on the board when delivered.





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