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Avola Decision client package to execute and synchronize your decisions with an ease. This package is meant to be used for Javascript/Typescript (nodejs etc). If you were looking for an Angular version, look here This package is for any developer looking for an easy solution to connect Avola Decision with their software. Also check out our other tools for other languages and definitely read our api documentation if something is not clear.



npm install @avoladecision/avola-client --save


  • yarn add avola-client
  • bower install avola-client --save



var avola = require('@avoladecision/avola-client');

// Create client with base url of the Avola Decision api and your apikey
var avolaclient = new avola.AvolaClient('', 'replacewithclientid', 
                                               'replacewithclientsecret', 'optionaltokenhost');

client.getSettings().then((settings) => {
  console.log("settings", settings);
  var mysettings = settings;


import { AvolaClient } from '@avoladecision/avola-client';

let avolaclient = new Avolaclient('', 'replacewithclientid',
                                              'replacewithclientsecret', 'optionaltokenhost');

avolaclient.getSettings().then((settings) => {
  console.log("settings", settings);
  let mysettings = settings;
Output should be the settings of the Api

Available methods

name description In Free?
getSettings() Will return the settings of the API. This describes certain endpoints and info.
getDecisionServices(decisionServiceId?: number) Will return you the list and details of all decision services and their version without parameters. With decisionServiceId: will return you the versions and details of a specific decision service.
getDecisionServiceVersions(decisionServiceId: number, version: number) Will return you the details of a specific decision service version.
executeDecisionServiceVersion(executionRequest: Execution.ApiExecutionRequest) Execute a descision service version, this returns all conclusions, from all decisions in the decision service.
executeDecisionFree(freerequest: Execution.FreeExecutionRequest) Execute a decision. This function is only available if you are a Free user and doesn't support the full power of versioned execution.

Contribute ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Want to contribute to this package?

  1. Clone the repo

  2. Install dependencies

npm install
  1. Edit files in lib/

  2. Build

npm run build
  1. Create a pull request

Test & Build

npm run test

To build and run the tests

npm run buildtest
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