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Release notes 1.4.2

Avola 1.4.2-20170622.02 was released on 22/06/2017.

  • 2 factor authentication (with SMS) is available now. It is not yet possible to configure it yourself. If you want to activate (or deactivate) 2FA on your account, create a support ticket with your phone number.
  • You can now export decision service versions to Excel #318
  • We added navigation between decision tables on the test result page. When a condition is also a conclusion in another table, you can navigate to this table by clicking the condition header
  • You can now check the state history of Decision services and their versions. #319
  • It is now possible to drag and drop knowledge sources on the DRD (the visual "model")
Enhancements and fixes
  • Better display of execution errors on the test pages
  • In some configurations, the date values in test scenarios were not translated correctly to the execution API. This resulted in confusing errors. #345
  • Timespan units remained displayed after clearing a cell #308
  • Versions from decision services that are detached from a project can be tested now
  • You can now pass metadata in a test scenario #331
  • Layout issue with long business data names #342
  • Saving and canceling a new test scenario would block the save button until refresh #333
  • Release managers can access the execution API through the swagger interface #338
  • Better feedback when a new password does not comply to complexity rules
  • Enhanced display of cells in Edge browser
  • Fixed error when removing knowledge sources with attachments #314
  • Knowledge sources are no longer visible when you have no access to the related business domain. #316
  • You can now also search specific executions by executionkey
  • The navigation and "Where used" functionality is now also available for knowledge sources #313 #315
  • Business data can be searched by ID
  • Better handling of scenario collection counts and color coding of the results #304
  • Business data that is used as conclusion in a decision can no longer be used as metadata.
  • Removed a confusing edit button on value list overview where edit funcionality was not available. #330
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