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Release notes 1.6.1

Avola 1.6.1-20171122.2 was released on November 22, 2017.

Fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed a bug concerning the behavior of the "Contains" operator for Text type businessdata (ticket #458)
  • Performance enhancements for test scenario collections
  • Cache mechanism was refactored, fixing the unexpected "sequence" errors that appeared sometimes.
  • Salutation (Mr, Mrs...) was removed, when in a list, accounts will be sorted by their name. #435
  • Importing a scenario collection excel file with "No Conclusion" as expected result no longer throws an error. #436
  • From now on, executions will be compressed before they are stored.
  • With this release, we also released Avola Forms 1.0.1 - Avola Forms is available by request for standard cloud customers. Drop us a message if you want to try it.
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