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Release notes 2.0.1

Avola 2.0.1 was released on April 5, 2018

Fixes and enhancements
  • Layout of business domains and concepts overview was updated to a grid and contains more information now
  • Fixed some issues with importing Excel documents
  • When tags are added, they are now immediately available in the overview
  • Avoid creation of duplicate tags
  • Fixed metadata minimum and maximum values in versions
  • Execution counts were not always calculated correctly, they are now
  • Fixed constraints for percentages in Excel templates #517
  • New condition in a table appeared to be the result of another table #528
  • Refactored pair and list pages for more consistency #513
  • Knowledge sources can now be created from the Decision pages
  • When adding a knowledge source, you can immediately add a description, a URL or a document, depending on the type of source. #501 #502
  • We renamed some "Edit" buttons to "Save" for clarity #512
  • The forms overview page for a project now has a navigation button to switch to the forms app #499
  • When switching projects, decision lists are updated as expected #534
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