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Release notes 2.0.2

Avola 2.0.2-20180420.3 was released on April 20, 2018

Fixes and enhancements
  • In the API, 2 methods were added to retrieve past executions (check swagger for more details):
  • GET /api/ApiExecution/executions/ref/{reference} will return you the first 20 executions with a specific reference in the request
  • /api/ApiExecution/executions/key/{executionkey} returns a specific execution for a given key
  • When importing a decision, it is no longer necessary to log in again. #543
  • Fixed uploading percentage conditions in a scenario collection Excel template.
  • Deleting or replacing items in a value list will now update the decisions and test scenario's where they are used #539
  • Several performance optimizations in the front end (no more unnecessary reloading of data)
  • When entering a decimal value with too many decimal places in a test scenario, it is no longer cleared when saving #542
  • Fixed usage of negative values in test scenario's
  • You can now filter lists by tags, by using the "Tag:" prefix when you type a filter
  • Fixed download functionality on a read-only decision #540
  • It is no longer possible to move a business data item to a concept in another domain.
  • On Knowledge Sources, a property "language" was added to specify the language of the source.
  • In Avola Forms, if your question is about a constrained whole number value, you can change the input type to a "slider"
  • In Avola Forms, you can now better customize the summary email
  • In Avola Forms, we fixed several issues with conditional visibility, and drag/drop behaviour #520
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