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Release notes 2.1.1

Avola 2.1.1-20180605.2 was released on June 5, 2018.

fixes and enhancements
  • We significantly enhanced the test result views.
  • When decision tables use decision data as operands in cells or formula, you can now trace the actual test values of these items in the test result by clicking on the "view" button in that cell.
  • We added a tab page "Result Model" which plots the test result on the DRD diagram, and adds the actual business data values. This is a beta function, feedback is welcome!
  • Enhancement of execution analysis pages
  • Test collection excel uploads now accepts "empty" conclusions
  • Fixed issue with editing lust value table cells with "in" and "not in" operators #558
  • Your account page has been re-styled, security functionalities moved to another tab page
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