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Release notes 2.1.2

Avola 2.1.2-20180709.2 was released on July 9, 2018

  • New "Matches" operator for Text data. It is now possible to check your conditions / input data of type text against a "regular expression". For example, you can check if the input is a valid email address...
  • PowerBI connector (beta) Import your execution data straight into PowerBI with our custom connector. Contact us if you are interesting to use the Beta version
Fixes and enhancements
  • The graphical view of the test scenario has been further enhanced
  • The view of a decision in read-only mode was not correct if you are not member of dependent domains (if any) #579
  • in a List item condition, you can now use a list set business data with the In or Not In operator #575
  • Fixed some broken links in MetaData forms
  • Delete Decision Service (when no versions were created) is accessible again #570
  • You can now doubleclick on a cell value that can not be edited in the decision table to reach the edit form #564
  • Specify the business domain when you create a list or pair data element in the same form #511
  • Some changes on big decision tables were not tracked correctly #576
  • In the execution result model, when a data element is both used as condtion and operand, ir was just displayed as a condition #562
  • Fixes in the execution count functionality #561
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