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##Importing function definitions##

To import definitions from this database just open the AviSynth function definition dialog (Options menu) and select Import -> Import from wiki. The list of available functions will appear, with already customized by the user function definitions in red. You can use the contextual menu to select all/none.

##Contributing to the database##

To simplify writing a new function definition put the plugin or avsi file on the autoload directory and make sure that the include autoloaded functions from plugins/avsi options are checked (Options menu -> Program Settings -> Autocomplete). That way in many cases you'll only have to add or revise the default values on its entry on the AviSynth function definition dialog. This is the syntax:

int a,
bool b=true,
int "c"=10 (0 to 30),
[string "d"],

This definition will produce FunctionName(?, true, c=10) on autocomplete, while the calltip will show all five possible arguments.

  • In the case of plugin functions the function name must be preceded by the plugin, e.g. TDecimate from TIVTC.dll -> TIVTC_TDecimate.
  • Each parameter must be on its own line, ending with a comma, in the form type var_name=default (slider info). Everything but type is optional but it's encouraged to make it as complete as possible.
  • Optional parameters must have its name surrounded by double quotes.
  • To make an optional parameter don't appear on the autogenerated autocomplete string, enclose the whole line except the final comma in square brackets. This can have multiple uses:
    • Parameters without a default value.
    • Parameters whose default value depends on another, e.g. a preset.
    • Parameters unique to a mod.
    • Parameters rarely used for filters with a huge number of them.
  • For adding the slider info use the define sliders option. Guessed max/min limits are better than not slider info at all. In the case of filename strings you can insert the accepted extensions in 'value list', e.g. "*.txt", "*.log".
  • Color parameters (int) should have their default value start with $ and not slider info.
  • If a function accepts an undefined number of arguments of the same type, this can be signaled by adding a [, ...], e.g. clip [, ...],
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