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Dracula theme for tmux, inspired by the Nord theme
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A clean and elegant Dracula tmux color theme.

Designed for a fluent and clear workflow based on the Nord tmux theme.

Quick Start

Thanks to existing plugin managers for tmux, Nord tmux can be installed for all platforms in a uniform way within a few lines of codes. The recommended manager is tpm, but any other manager like tundle can also be used.

To automatically download and activate Dracula tmux, follow the install instructions for tpm and

  1. add set -g @plugin "avyiel/dracula-tmux" to your tmux.conf, by default .tmux.conf located in your home directory
  2. press the default key binding prefix + I to fetch- and install the plugin

Also see tpm's install instructions for more details.

Copyright © 2019-present Lucas Vienna

Copyright © 2017-present Arctic Ice Studio and Sven Greb

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