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Background and Overview

  • Chili Dog is a simple game to play, the player can move up or down to dodge obstacles coming from the right of the screen.
  • The levels will increase speed and frequency of obstacles.
  • This game is inspired by the popular app Flappy Bird, but game play is more generally arcade inspired.
  • The game is simple, yet difficult and is centered around a classic pairing, our dogs and their passion for food.
  • In honor of the chili dog I will style the game with classic baseball throwback jerseys in mind.
  • It will feature Chunky cursive fonts and large colorful boarders.

Architecture and Technologies

  • Vanilla JavaScript for game logic
  • HTML5 Canvas for rendering
  • Howler.js (or HTML audio player) for game background music
  • Web Audio API for sound generation, processing and control
  • Webpack to bundle various scripts into a single source
  • MongoDB & Express for handling leaderboard

Functionality and MVP Features

  • Users can press up and down arrow keys to move along a vertical axis.
  • Obstacles will be generated at the right of the frame and move towards the left.
  • The user loses when an obstacle is encountered.
  • Each level will have a speed and obstable frequencies, as well as durations.


  • Basic visuals and an interactive interface.
  • Player can move avatar.
  • Obstacles generate and move left toward the edge of the screen.
  • Obstacles cause 'Game Over' upon collision.
  • Styling.

Implementation timeline

Day 1:
  • Complete conception, reasearch, and project proposal.
  • Review games using canvas from the instructional curriculum.
  • Review adding game background music.
  • Finish basic project skeleton and essentials.
Day 2:
  • Complete basic page skeleton and functionality. (play button, start msg, music button, controlls)
  • Complete board design and rendering.
  • Complete player avatar rendering and functionality.
Day 4:
  • Obstacle rendering and functionality.
  • Implement obstacle/player collision.
Day 5:
  • Finish game over condition.
  • Levels.
  • Level passed condition.
Day 6:
  • Add game over and passed level visuals.
  • Finish CSS.
  • Leaderboard updating.

Bonus features

  • Control for selecting avatar
  • Collisions play a sound


  • A play button will be available in the control panel, as well as a sound toggle.
  • After pressing play the game starts and text appears on the screen with instruction sliding out.
  • A couple seconds later the first obstacles appear and slide to the left of the screen.
  • When a player loses the character will spin and a game over message will appear.
  • When a level is passed a hotdog stand will slide in from the left and the user will receive a chili dog.

Play Screen

In Game Play

Passed Level

Game Over

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