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Awesome Support Addon Boilerplate

Scrutinizer Code Quality

This boilerplate is a starting point for creating addons for Awesome Support. It contains all the things that are required in all addons, such as version checks and license activation.

The boilerplate should be used for all addons as it is uses a specific method to safely register itself with Awesome Support.


There is nothing much needed. Just rename the class and change the addon name. There is a more extensive list of what could be changed directly at the top of the boilerplate.php file.


Your code should be placed in the load method. The easiest approach is to have all your code in a separate file and include this file from the load method.

Be aware, the addons are loaded by Awesome Support on the plugins_loaded hook with priority 20. This means that when hooking within the load method, you MUST hook on plugins_loaded with priority 21 or later.

Change Log

Version 2.0.0
  • New: Use new base extension class that is in version 5.x of Awesome Support core.
  • New: Include change log in this read me file
  • New: Include some instructions directly at the top of the main class file (boilerplate.php)

Version 1.4.0
  • Fix: Updated minimum compatibility levels for some items
  • New: Implement option to Set item id
  • New: Use core classes to display messages
  • New: Use product id for updates instead of name
  • Tweak: Move constants inside of class
  • Fix: Issues with installation subdirectory
  • Tweak: Update usage instructions
  • Fix: Styling issues and typos

Version 1.0.0
  • Initial Commit


A boilerplate for creating add-ons for Awesome Support






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