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Starter for AwesomeDocs
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AwesomeDocs Starter

This is a very basic starter for AwesomeDocs.


To get started, first of all install AwesomeDocs CLI Tool globally:

npm i -g awesomedocs


To initialize AwesomeDocs in this directory:

awesomedocs init

This will create content and static directories in this directory.

The content directory is where all your Markdown documentation lives. And what ever files you put in the static directory will be available directly from the root of your website. This is where your favicon.ico and CNAME file should go.


To serve your AwesomeDocs documentation site:

awesomedocs serve


To build your AwesomeDocs documentation site for production:

awesomedocs build

This will build your site in the build directory.

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