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Awesome Logos AwesomeLogos Logo

# of sources # of logos Awesome

This is the source (including the data) for the Awesome Logos website.


In order to be truly awesome, a logo website has to:

  • have SVG logos
  • that look good
  • that I can index
  • and you are allowed to use (and for more than just “inspiration”!)
  • without being bombarded with advertising

The List!

Enough reading already! Just show me the list for crying out loud!

Voilà (and the raw data).


Go to and search for something!

Click on a logo to go to the source. You will need to check the source's license before re-using.

No hot-linking.


If you want to add a repo, please submit a github issue

Code contributions are also welcome! Please follow the standard Github Fork & Pull Request Workflow

See the to do list for a list of things that are planned.


While there is an internal API, it is not meant for public consumption. It is running on a low-end server and will fall down if subjected to a serious load.

But feel free to run your own copy...


There are two main parts:

  1. Various cron jobs that update the search data. This code is in /bin. Currently the only one is a git repo loader.
  2. A web server, written in TypeScript/node.js. This code is in /src.

The search data is stored in the /logos directory. It consists of a directory for each logo source, with a sourceData.json and optionally a local copy of the logos.

The cron job gets public git repos (and stores them in the /cache directory) and copies the svgs to /logos.



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