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To Do

  • pm2
  • fill out FAQ
  • cleanup paging in sources/_logos.hbs
  • sitemap.xml
  • use window.location.replace() in sources/_logos.hbs
  • alternatives/index.hbs - input box for preloading search links
  • switch back to latest lunr (with stopwords disabled)
  • alternatives/_index.hbs
  • contact page (or link to VLZ's?)
  • report of repos w/nothing
  • descriptions of sources
  • remote provider
  • background select
  • init script
  • actual cron job
  • check for moved repos
  • 404: return svg if url has .svg
  • way to automatically add background to white svgs (either during loadrepo or when displaying)

Longer term

  • font blast for repos with no svgs

  • log storage and viewing

  • separate github user account

  • watches all repos

  • trigger reindex on email receipt

  • forks all repos in case they go away

  • hotlink detection/prevention

Install on Ubuntu 18.10


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